Growing hemp can make a difference. 



Of its many benefits, hemp acts an agent against climate change with its carbon sequestering characteristics. Each ton of hemp will absorb about 1.63 tons of CO2, with each acre of hemp growing 5-10 tons of biomass. Further, 1 acre of hemp produces cellulose fibre pulp equal to 4 acres of trees, and hemp grows in 90-120 days verses the 50-100 years it takes for a tree to grow. As hemp can be used for many of the same purposes as wood, there is a reduced need to cut down trees for wood by supplementing hemp fibre and hemp hurd in commercial products instead of wood. 


Along with its environmental benefits, industrial hemp is said to have over 30,000 commercial uses. Making commercial products with hemp as the main ingredient will help communities produce sustainable products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Hemp also has many therapeutic benefits that can be attained by eating its seeds, utilizing hemp seed oil, and by isolating the main ingredients in its leaves, cannabidiol.



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